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Optical Measurement Lab


Optical Measurement Lab

  Speaker : Shyh-Tsong Lin

Location :  Everlight Building, Room 828

Tel : +886-2-2771-2171 Ext4683




Opto-electronic Precision Measurement Lab. This lab. contains phase-shifting interferometers( including conventional, moire』, speckle, and shearing interferometers, etc.), laser Doppler interferometer, heterodyne laser interferometer, and white light interferometer, etc. The functions of this lab. are:1) ultra-precision measurements (sub to sub-sub micrometer) of geometry errors; 2) ultra-precision measurements of optical properties (refractive index, phase-retardation, and thickness, etc.); and 3) stress-strain measurements.







Research Areas
Opto-electronic precision measurement
Opto-mechanical design
Optical methods in experimental mechanics


 Research Projects

1.    相移與相位掃描式差分顯微干涉儀國科會102.08.01
2.    相移式顯微干涉儀量測性能改進計畫國科會100.08.01
3.    創新型雷射表面輪廓儀之研發國科會 99.08.01
4.    高中職科學教師尖端科技研究經驗培育計畫-高中職科學教師尖端光電科技研究經驗培育計畫國科會 98.12.01
5.    創新型雷射表面輪廓之研發國科會 98.08.01
6.    創新型雷射表面輪廓移之研發, NSC 98-2221-E-027-009-MY2
7.    高中職科學教師尖端科技研究經驗培育計畫-高中職科學教師尖端光電科技研究經驗培育計畫國科會 97.12.01
8.    白光角度干涉儀之研發國科會 97.08.01
9.    高中職科學教師尖端科技研究經驗培育計畫-高中職科學教師尖端光電科技研究經驗培育計畫行政院國家科學委員會 96.12.01
10.    差頻式偏光干涉儀及其應用行政院國家科學委員會 96.08.01
11.    白光剪切顯微干涉儀之研發國科會 95.08.01
12.白光剪切顯微干涉儀國科會 94.08.01
13. 2005 北北區影像顯示科技人才培育計畫教育部 94.01.01
14.93年度行政院科技人才培訓及應用方案-新新重點發展產業科技人才職業訓練計劃光電顯示器人才就業推薦班() 行政院 93.08.20
15.微機電系統三維位移量測用雷射干涉儀(2/2) 國科會 93.08.01
16.93年度行政院科技人才培訓及應用方案-新新重點發展產業科技人才職業訓練計劃光電顯示器人才就業推薦班() 教育部 93.07.12
17.93年度行政院科技人才培訓及應用方案-新新重點發展產業科技人才職業訓練計劃光電顯示器人才就業推薦班() 教育部 93.07.12
18.科技大學機電工程教育之規劃與實施(3/3) 國科會 92.10.01
19.Laser interferometer for measuring 3-d displacements of MEMS (2/2), NSC 93-2215-E-027-001-
20.Laser interferometer for measuring 3-d displacements of MEMS (1/2), NSC 92-2215-E-027-008-
21.微機電系統三維位移量測用雷射干涉儀(1/2) 國科會 92.08.01
22.An interferometer for measuring three-dimensional displacements of microelectromechanical system II, NSC 91-2218-E-027-005
23.Development of simplified laser beam writter, NSC 91-2622-E-027-018-CC3
24.科技大學機電工程教育之規劃與實施(2/3) 國科會 91.10.01
25.量測微機電系統三維位移之雷射干涉儀(II) 國科會 91.08.01
26.非均勻量化相位之繞射光學元件的設計與雷射直寫應用之研究國科會 91.08.01
27.簡易型快速雷射直寫儀之研發國科會 91.06.01
28.An interferometer for measuring three-dimensional displacements of microelectromechanical system, NSC 90-2218-E-027-017
29.Research on high strength impact recorder for warhead testing(III), NSC-89-2623-D-027-002




HP5529A雷射量測系統 白光角位移量測干涉儀
共光路波長漂移量測干涉儀 布拉格光纖光柵量測系統



[1]Yi- Chun Wang(王奕淳)
[2]Mau-Shian Huang(黃懋憲)
[1]Minh-Han Xie(謝明漢)
[2]Ta-Cheng Fan(樊大正)
[3]Meng-Chu Chen(陳孟珠)
[4] Trinh-Xusn Hung
[1]Fu-Min Huang(黃富民),The shearing interferometer using a savart's polariscope
[2]Chao-Ming Yang(楊趙銘),」Improvements of straightness and angular interferometers
[3]Gn-Hao Lin(林耿豪), Laser wavefront measurement Savart's shearing interferometer
[4]Yi-Tsung Chuang(莊益宗),Research and design of a novel angular interferometer
[5]Wen-Shyan Shieh(謝文賢),Frequency stabilization for diode lasers
[6]Chih-Chen Chien(簡志成),Studies on the measurement of micro-angle displacement and the surface plasmon resonance biosensors based on the common-path heterodyne interferometry
[7]Hsin-Le Chen(陳信樂),An interferometer for measuring 3-D displacement of Micro - electro - mechanical system
[8]Ho-Juan Cheng(程和專),Phase-shifting interferometry using intelliwave
[9]Tai-Long Huang(黃泰融),Measurement of small angle displacement using savart's polariscope
[10]Wen-Hung Yang(楊文宏),A new designed 2-D micropositioning stage
[11]Y. H. Chien(錢玉涵),MEMS testing using laser interferometer
[12]Wu-Yen Hsieh(謝武諺),A laser measurement system for determining roll displacement
[13]Chun-Hung Lai(賴君紅) ,The studies of phase retardation measurement of nematic liquid crystal by Doppler dual-frequency laser interferometer
[14]Shu-Hui Hsu(許淑惠),Dynamic Testing of CD Player Using Improved Laser Doppler Interferometer
[15]Wen-Chuan Tsai(蔡文川),GLV晶片之光機特性鑑別研究
[16]Chung-Tian Huang(黃振添),Measurement Application in Micro-Structure with Reformed Fringe Projection Mircoscope
[17]Yin-Hao Lin(林尹豪),Thickness and refractive index measurements using Mirau interferometric microscope
[18]Ren-Li Shen(沈仁立),Study on the Parameters Measurement of Nematic Liquid Crystal by Common-Path Dual-Frequency Laser Interferometer
[19]Tzu-Lung Lin(林志龍),Refractive Index and Thickness Determinations Using a Near-common- and Unequal-path Wavelength Scanning Interferometer
[20] Kung-Hsuan Ho (何恭瑄),The Measurement of Rotating Object by Dual-Frequency Laser Interferometer
[21] Hsiang-Yun Cheng (鄭翔允),Savart’s Shearing Interferometer with Low Coherence Light Source
[22] Yan-Ru Cheng (鄭晏如),Interferometer for Determining Wavelength Shift
[23] Cheng-Chung Chang (張政中),A Nonequal- and Common-path Interferometer and Its Application
[24] Chia-Hao Chang (張家豪),A Polariscope Using Rotating Analyzer and Wavelength Shift Techniques
[25] Yi-Chang Liao (廖益昌),White Light Angular Interferometer
[26] Wei-Jae Syu (徐偉傑),Development of Angular Interferometers
[27] Chien-Wei Chang (張建偉),Developments of low-coherent light source angular interferometers
[28] How-Min Chang (張浩銘),A Nonequal- and Common-path Polarization Interferometer and Its Application for Multiplexing of Fiber Grating Sensor
[29] Fang-Ru Ye (葉芳如),A Common-path Interferometer for Determining Wavelength Shifting and Its Application
[30] Zhi-Feng Line (林志鋒),Absolute angular instrument using Fabry-Perot etalon
[31] Chi-Shiang Chiou (邱祺詳),Straightness interferometer with white-light source
[32] Yi-Kai Huang (黃詣凱),The Study of Polarization Interferometer for a Nonequal and Common-path
[33] Jia-Wei Chuang (莊家瑋),White-light absolute-angular interferometer with calcite prisms



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